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Julie Hill AUGUST 2020

Julie Hill
Administrative Assistant, MarinHealth Foundation

How long have you been involved in the nonprofit sector? 
I have been involved in the nonprofit sector through high school and college. I raised money for numerous organizations; such as Relay for Life, Kids in Need Foundation, and also by serving as the vice president of the Interact Key Club in high school. My parents have taught me the values of helping and supporting others, which instilled a strong passion for philanthropy and giving back to others. Coming out of college I never would have thought that I could turn a passion of mine into a career. I officially started my career in the nonprofit sector in 2017.

Tell us about your current position. What are your responsibilities? 
I am the Administrative Assistant for MarinHealth Foundation. My responsibilities are vast and wide. I support the Foundation's philanthropic services including events, capital campaign, stewardship, planned giving, annual and corporate fundraising activities. My responsibilities include gift acknowledgment letters and phone calls, special event details, database management, mailings, prospect research, and much more. Through holding these responsibilities, I am supporting the Foundation's philanthropic goals of strengthening our existing programs and services. The fundraising we do enables our medical center to be able to purchase new equipment, which in return helps our physicians, nurses, and staff to deliver exceptional care in a healing and compassionate environment. 

What advice would you give to other professionals who are consider becoming an AFP member? 
I would highly recommend becoming an AFP member as it has allowed me to connect with other young professionals that work within the non-profit sector, not just the medical field. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity as this is my first job out of college and connecting with other fundraisers in a diversity of fields will allow me to broaden my understanding of how philanthropy is used within different non-profit sectors and make professional connections within the Bay Area.

How do you manage to balance your personal and professional life? What do you like to do to relax? 
Due to COVID-19 I am currently working and living at home so it has been especially hard to balance my personal and professional life. Finding the disconnect button at the end of the day and leaving the office was hard even before this pandemic, but it has become increasingly more difficult as I have combined two places into one. I am blessed to live on 11 acres here in the East Bay with my fiancé and two dogs. Living in the country gives me numerous ways to relax When we are not working on numerous projects around our property I love to read, garden, play with our dogs, and go for hikes. I have learned for my mental and physical health that when my alarm goes off at the end of the day that is my cue to log off and go enjoy my personal time.

Last book you read (or show you’re watching or binge-watching).  
Book: Layover by David Bell 
Show: Down to Earth